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Commercial Insurance Coverage Houston

Even churches need insurance coverage. Putting aside divine intervention, churches with large or small congregations must take a businesslike approach to their daily activities. Just like any other business, churches have employees, buildings, and equipment that are at risk from a natural or human-made calamity.

And unlike most businesses, churches include children who may attend church sponsored activities like a sleepover or a camping retreat. The church may also run a daycare for toddlers. Churches enjoy tax breaks, but a hurricane approaching from the Gulf of Mexico will not grant any special “exemption” to a house of worship.

Commercial insurance coverage in Houston and surrounding areas are served by TWFG-Khan Insurance Services which is designed for four categories of businesses:

  • Hospitality Insurance – This covers restaurants, bars, nightclubs, Bed & Breakfast places, and even that taco truck that makes a daily stop at your business. Coverages for food spoilage, outdoor signs, and “sticky fingered” employees are unique to food service establishments. If he likelihood of a patron causing damage while intoxicated at your bar exists, then you can add liquor liability to your policy.
  • Contractor Insurance – Also called General Liability, this covers businesses in the skilled trades like landscaping, plumbing and electrical to name a few. TWFG-Khan Insurance Services offers surety bonds that are likely a requirement for the contractor’s license.
  • General Business Insurance – This covers about any other business not classified as hospitality or contractor. An auto repair shop, a beauty salon or a manufacturer of any product would be in this category. One unique insurance offered is called Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI). If a disgruntled employee sues for emotional distress over a missed break, then your company is protected from any losses.
  • Commercial / Business Auto Insurance – A small business owner will likely use the same vehicle for business and personal use, but the personal insurance will not cover losses for a business-related accident. A Business Auto Coverage Form (BACF) is the basic contract for business auto liability insurance. TWFG-Khan Insurance Services in Houston provides coverage for flatbed trucks, dump trucks and even will ensure the tow truck.

A Bit about Workers Comp

Most businesses in Houston will strive to have a safe workplace for their employees. Manufacturers will have a safety committee and assign employees the task of looking for unsafe conditions. If chemicals are used in the business, the employer is required to provide personal protective devices and make sure that the Material and Safety Data Sheets (MSDA) for every chemical is readily available for all to read. Failure to do this will incur the wrath of OSHA.

Unfortunately, accidents can happen in the safest of workplaces and that is why the employer needs to have Workers Compensation for people that suffer from work-related injuries. TWFG-Khan Insurance Services includes workers compensation options that will be suited to your business.

Commercial insurance coverage in Houston like TWFG-Khan Insurance Services works with most major business insurers including Safeco, Travelers and The Hartford to provide powerful financial resources while maintaining a down-home approach to the Houston Business Community. If you need Business / Commercial insurance call TWFG-Khan Insurance Services at 713-388-6681 to talk about your specific needs.