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Contractors Insurance in Houston

If you are a contractor, you are probably considering whether you should take out liability insurance to develop your operations. You may fully trust you and your staff experience. Maybe you are a subcontractor who performs minor jobs within the building procedure.

However, it is essential that you assess the associated risks when undertaking any task in a construction. For the correct development of this type of activities, you must have insurance that keeps you safe. It is vital that you know the basics of these coverages, and select an insurance policy that meets your needs.

What is Contractor Insurance?

These insurances are intended to protect you, your assets and your business from financial losses. These losses usually come from meeting payment obligations in the event of damages or injuries caused to third parties.

In case of an eventuality, you as responsible for the construction are the one that must pay all the obligations derived from the incidents. Contractor insurance provides you with the necessary support. They usually cover the following areas of responsibility:

  • Bodily Injury: This area covers injuries to a person at the work site.
  • Property Damage: This covers the cost of repair or replacement for damage to the property of your client or third parties, caused by your work.
  • Personal Injury: This will cover injuries to a person or the reputation of a business as a result of their work.
  • Damage by Advertising: This covers damages caused to a person or a business as a result of their advertising. This includes online advertising and social media.
  • Medical Expenses: This includes the payment of the medical expenses of an injured person in his work.

How Much Does a Contractor Insurance Cost?

There is no standard price for this type of policy. The cost of the insurance will depend on the amount contracted. This insured amount depends on a risk analysis that takes into account factors such as the type of work, the location, the kind of soil, associated risk factors and the likelihood of natural disasters, among others.

To know an estimate for a particular construction, you must obtain a quote. If you need a contractors insurance in Houston, the expert team of TWFG Khan Insurance Services is ready to assist you.

What Happens if You Have a Small Business?

The major construction companies can acquire individual commercial insurances that cover specific needs in the construction process. In the case of small entrepreneurs, the wisest way is through the hiring of a Businessowner Policy (BOP). This type of coverage combines protection of all the best property and liability risks in a single package.

Trust the Experts

TWFG Khan Insurance Services aims to provide our extensive experience to meet the needs of small and medium enterprises in insurance matters. We strive to provide the best products in the industry, for the satisfaction of your needs. We have excellent relationships with the best insurance companies in the USA. This allows us to provide you with the best product mix in the market. If you need a contractors insurance in Houston, you are in the best hands. Contact us; we will be proud to assist you.