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Dallas Commercial Liability Insurance

If you own a business, getting liability insurance is very important because business is always at risk of any loss or bankruptcy. Liability insurance is to protect your business in these types of failures. We, at Dallas commercial liability insurance, help you to protect your business liabilities.

What is commercial liability insurance?

Liability insurance is the protection of any businesses from any potential risk. Dallas commercial liability insurance provides the coverage of financial loss or damaged products, theft, and accidents that may happen to your employees or customers. That is why it is important to get liability insurance. As a business owner, it is also your responsibility to protect your people and the customers.

If you join in tradeshows or events, some organizers require proof of insurance in case of emergency. Your liability insurance is your proof documents.

Dallas Commercial Liability Insurance Coverage

If your business is in the commercial area, there are many liabilities that you need to consider. Here at Dallas commercial liability insurance, we will assist you in managing your current and future plan for any types of business risk. We will discuss to you the coverage of commercial liability insurance and its policies.

Here is the following coverage:

Property damage – covers the damage to your business property.

Bodily injury – when one of your customers or clients is injured, the insurance cover the medical expenses for your injured customer. Even the person who is injured in front of your business store although he is not your customer is still covered. You still must take charge of him.

Personal and Advertising Injury - an injury caused by the offense. This is when one of your employees files a false arrest against you; a situation where you are arguing with him, and he wants to walk out, but you won’t let him until he explains his side, this situation is covered by insurance.

Commercial transportation insurance – in your business, you have vehicles or trucks that your employees use for delivering goods or equipment. In case of an accident or other loss, this insurance covers the damage.

Equipment breakdown insurance – this insurance covers the damage and loss of the equipment of your business in case of fire, floods and weather damage.

Errors and omission coverage – when your client or customer claims that they have a financial loss because of the wrong advice you gave. Then, the errors and omission cover the financial consequences that will happen.

Product liability insurance – covers your business against the damage and loss of your products. It is also the negligence of your employee for not giving the high-quality service to your customer.

When you apply for liability insurance, it covers the payments you need to give for any injury or negligence. Dallas commercial liability insurance is here to provide you a high-quality insurance service that fits your needs. We have a strong insurance background and knowledge to help you assist with your liabilities.