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Dallas General Liability

The Simpsons is an animated sitcom about a very unusual family featuring the family man Homer, his blue-haired wife Marge and their three children Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. In one funny episode, Homer and Marge go to an “All You Can Eat” seafood restaurant where Homer proceeds to consume massive quantities of shrimp before getting kicked out of the place at 3:00 a.m. Homer then hires a shady lawyer and sues the restaurant for false advertising as he claimed he was not finished eating. The courtroom episode ends with a “settlement” that allows Homer to eat all he wants but to be on display to the public much like the circus sideshows of old.

While we all laugh at the characters on the Simpsons, it is often true that life imitates art with dozens of lawsuits on the books where someone gets sick at a seafood buffet and files a lawsuit. Real or frivolous, a lawsuit will mean lost time and money to any business owner plus a loss of reputation that can be a fatal blow to a new restaurant.

General Liability Features

All businesses need Dallas general liability insurance in the area, and that is through TWFG Khan Insurance Services. Let’s look at some features offered:

  • Coverage for premises and operations – A person slipping on a banana peel at the grocery store is an excellent example of why general liability insurance is needed. Hospital bills and any negligence claims will be covered.
  • Products and completed operations – It often takes a tragedy to occur for consumer safety laws to be enacted. Children strangling themselves on window blind cords are a prime example, and blind manufacture is at risk for lawsuits in that event. General liability insurance would cover legal costs and even damages if the window blind in question were proven to lack the required safety features.
  • Employment Practices Liability (EPLI) – Sexual harassment has reached the point where if a person even thinks that someone is having inappropriate thoughts, the employer can suffer legal consequences. EPLI protects your company from issues that are related to employment.
  • Cyber Liability and Data Breach – Old school “white collar” burglars may feel a bit melancholy when their ability to pick a lock and locate delicate information in a metal file cabinet is now obsolete crime “skills.” Today, tales of hacking, data theft, and cybercrime are rampant. Advanced computer skills have replaced the finely-honed skills of a “yegg.” A cyber liability policy will cover legal and even the costs of forensics to recover any lost data.

Business coverage is just one of Dallas general liability insurance among its many types sold by TWFG Khan Insurance Services. Focusing on small to moderate sized businesses, the policies are tailored to restaurants and hospitality business as well as contractors that use skilled trades. The General Business insurance category will protect manufacturing, property management companies, and auto repair shops. TWFG Khan Insurance Services will also provide insurance for your commercial vehicles, including trucks, vans and dump trucks.

Before you head off to your favorite seafood buffet in Dallas, give a call to TWFG Khan Insurance Services at 713-388-6681 and let us know about your business insurance needs.