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Dallas General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is a form of protection that works both for you and your customers. Having a business would mean you should be ready financially at all times. Getting insurance such as general liability is a good way to make you fully covered anytime.

Any business is highly advised to acquire a general liability policy to avoid being caught off guard. The type of coverage you will get depends on the nature of your business. There are a lot of Dallas general liability insurance companies that you can find. Before you decide on getting one, consider comparing different policies from these insurance companies first. This will help you land for the right company.

First, you may check out if these are included in their policy:

  • Property damage- if you are a service provider that requires going to your customer’s premises while doing the job, get covered by general liability insurance. In any time you accidentally damage the property of your customer; your insurance company can take care of these damages for you.
  • Medical fees- any accident caught by your customer within your business’ property will be covered. The limit of the hospitalization will depend on the policy you acquired.
  • Personal and advertising liability- any harm is done to your business through written or verbal can be harmful to your business. You can file lawsuits against your competitor and hold them liable for it. Your GL Insurance can handle it for you. Even the attorney’s fee can be covered under this insurance plan.
  • Product liability- if you produce, sell or manufacture specific products that caused physical harm or sickness to consumers, a general liability insurance policy can assist you in facing your consumers.

With TWFG Khan Insurance Services, we provide the most comprehensive Dallas general liability insurance. Aside from those mentioned above, we also have the Cyber Liability and Data Breach. For businesses that hold sensitive information online, they are vulnerable to being hacked by criminals. For any instance you experience this, we can assist you to recover the stolen data, seek legal assistance and to control the leakage of this information.

Another advantage is we offer the EPLI. Employment Practices Liability is an assurance that in any time you are sued by your employees for any false accusation, wrongful termination, and employment-related offenses, we can help you get through this.

And importantly, you can request for a certificate of general liability. This will assure your client that this kind of policy covers you and that both of you are covered for any unforeseen incidents that may happen during your work in their premises.

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