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Houston General Liability

General liability insurance is a part of the general insurance system of risk financing that covers bodily injury and property damage to a third party. This protects the purchaser from any possible lawsuits and similar claims. These injuries or property damage may result from ongoing operations, as well as from completed operations. TWFG Khan Insurance service created great general liability coverage for the Houston entrepreneur to protect your business from potential financial mishaps.

Importance of General Liability Insurance and How to Get One

Most contractors lean towards companies who are certificate holders, meaning that your company is insured through general liability insurance. General liability insurance can be purchased from many companies.

One thing when getting Houston general liability insurance is that you want to specify if you are getting it for a small business or a large-scale business because this will significantly affect your yearly premium. When looking for an insurance provider, it is best to get quotes from multiple providers so that you know your options and you can have your money’s worth if you will need that coverage. Houston’s most competitive insurance provider, TWFG Khan Insurance Service, carefully assess your business insurance needs to protect your assets best.

In general, the higher the risk to your business, the higher the price of the premium will increase each year. And the more risk factors that you add to your business, like ladders, chemicals, high-voltage equipment the higher the price of the premium will become as well. So, it very much important to be clear in your mind what you want to tell your insurance provider so that you will not under- or over-insure your business. Under-insuring will give you less coverage, and over-insuring will cause you to pay more each year.

General Liability Insurance Does NOT Cover:

  • Tools and Equipment Coverage- this is obtained through buying Inland Marine Insurance.
  • Auto Insurance- can be bought using Commercial Auto Policy.
  • Injured Employees- this is covered by workers’ compensation policy.


There are about 14 standard exclusions that apply to all Houston general liability policies:

  1. Expected or intended injury - General liability insurance only covers unexpected, unprecedented injuries caused b your work. They do not cover self-induced injury or self-harm.
  2. Contractual Liability - Each insurance policy has its specific coverage to certain liability. One cannot just assume liability in a contract and expect it to be covered. Therefore, it is best to read the policy before you purchase it thoroughly. But this is with some exceptions particularly Indemnification agreements, easements, sidetrack agreements, lease of premises and elevator maintenance agreements.
  3. Liquor liability
  4. Workers Compensation
  5. Employers’ liability
  6. Pollution - Although there is a limited pollution liability in general liability insurance since contractors mostly work with many different chemicals and produce different types of waste, you want to get a commercial pollution policy, especially for big-scale contractors.
  7. Aircraft, watercraft, and autos - Separate policies cover these.
  8. Mobile Equipment - These are only covered when in use on the job site. But they are excluded down the road.
  9. War - General liability insurance does not cover acts of war.
  10. Property damage - General liability insurance does not cover damage to your company’s own property, but rather only to that property damage from a third party hired by your company.

   11 & 12. Your work and your work products - General liability insurance only covers damage that results from your work and your work products. It doesn’t cover the damage that happened to your work itself or damage to your products.

  1. Previously impaired property
  2. Product recalls