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Security Guard Insurance Houston

One of the most significant challenges for private security companies owners is precisely the own security. When employees are taking care of other people and property, they are putting their own lives at risk. In case of any eventuality arising from work, it is the owners of the companies who must answer for any damage that their guards, their equipment or their assets may suffer.

This business has a growing demand in the market, but the work volume itself is not a guarantee of success. The success or failure of profitability in a security company depends mainly on how many and what type of eventualities occur during the performance of operations, and how the company responds to them.

Maybe nothing happens, and everything is OK. However, if significant events occur, the company may not have profitability or even go bankrupt for having to assume financial obligations to pay medical expenses, disability or even death of the staff. Also, the replacement of equipment and assets of the company can also influence the results of your business.

How Can You Protect Your Company From this Risk?

The best way that you as the owner of a security company can protect your business from this type of situation is with an insurance policy. Having a financial backing that helps you cover your responsibilities in case of any eventuality can save your company.

Providing security is a complicated business. Whether your staff is caring for a shopping center, the facilities of a company, or private development, the eventualities can happen anywhere. In a guard shift, things can go from total peace to inexplicable chaos. It is essential then that you support yourself.

What is Different in TWFG policies?

When it comes to security guard insurance in Houston, the policies we offer at TWFG Khan Insurance Services offer you significant advantages. Generally, when you search the market for options to take out insurance for your security company, you will find policies that only cover your staff in the event of disability or death.

In TWFG we go further. One of the advantages enjoyed by your staff is having a $5,000 support for medical expenses. This coverage is essential, given the risks that this kind of work carries itself. There’s two kind of diseases that can occur to a security guard: the ones resulting from a criminal attack on the guarding location, and some other issues due the high tension and stress during the development of the operations.

Also, you can determine the limits of your primary liability, up to $3,000,000 occurrence/aggregate. This will allow you to operate with peace of mind, knowing that your finances will be safe in case of any incident.

Finally, we have extensive coverage, as we ensure your guard and patrol officers (armed or unarmed, and with or without animals). Firearms training and certification schools and off-duty police officers are also eligible for coverage. So if you need an excellent security guard insurance in Houston, TWFG offers you the best options. We are committed to providing you the highest quality products for the safety of your guards, equipment, and assets. Contact Us; We will be happy to assist you.