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Trucking Cargo Insurance

A trucking Cargo Insurance is critical to any commercial auto business. The road transportation is the primary carrier of the cargos within the country and before any of your client trust you, you need to lay down business plans. That includes how you would keep the safety of their goods from the pick-up point until it reaches its destination.

So before signing a contract with an insurance company, it is just expected that you to know the meticulously review the coverage of the trucking cargo insurance that you will get. The coverage that you may get from the insurance company will determine how much you give importance to your customers’ trust; you value your employees on the road and your truck as a part of your investment. Take time to read, ask for advice and compare from different insurance companies first.

Basic Trucking Cargo Insurance

General Liability- this pertains to the coverage of your employees and your vehicle. As you ensure your commercial truck, your driver and any other staff declared in the policy will be covered if anything happened during the working hours.

Physical Damage- it refers to any damage that may happen to the truck in an accident. As our policyholder, we will cover any liability with collision repair, damage to any car if an accident occurred.

Primary Auto Liability- any legal liability that may occur such as property damage, bodily injuries, etc. This also includes attorney’s fees in applicable.

Rented or Not Owned Vehicles- these are the vehicles used by your employees for your businesses purposes that are not owned by your company.

Inland Marine Policy- if your commercial truck is transporting equipment such as solar energy, medical diagnostic, etc. over land.

Get More, Pay Less

But with TWFH Khan Insurance, we do not limit our coverage. We understand the need of giving full protection to our policyholders. We also include Garage Keeper with Legal Liability, Workers Compensation, Non-Trucking Liability, and Motor Truck Cargo Insurance.

With our complete insurance program, we already provide all the needs for a cargo trucking business. We also understand the need to offer flexible payment plans for clients. An online calculator for free quotes is available where you can see an estimated amount you may need to pay for an insurance policy. Plus, we offer payment terms amenable to your convenience.

Insured and be Assured

It is only wise to get insurance coverage when you are in the trucking business. It will give you the peace of mind if something happens during the transportation of the goods inside your truck.

Be prepared and apply an insurance coverage for your trucking cargo. Whenever the cargo is in transit, our company is ensuring your policy well protects it. If you are still undecided, you can talk to one of our staff. Call us at 713-388-6681 and listen to our expert recommendations on what is best for your business.