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TX 18 Wheeler Insurance

Transporting cargo from place to place via the road can be hazardous at times, with risks of road accidents, cargo truck damages, and a load of other unforeseen circumstances. As an 18 wheeler truck owner or driver, how prepared are you for such risks and circumstances? Do you have an insurance cover that protects you and you truck? As a business owner, how prepared are you for the damages that could occur if your 18 wheeler truck gets damaged or is involved in an accident? The risks that it could bring to your business could be damaging and you could lose your customers if it is not well managed. However, having an insurance policy that offers you coverage on your 18 wheeler is a great way to go. Now imagine having such an insurance coverage with the best in the business of 18 wheeler insurance. So if you are a truck owner or a company that deals with trucks, get yourself an 18 wheeler insurance with TWFG Khan Insurance.

18 wheeler insurance is an insurance policy that provides coverage for your owners or operators of 18 wheeler trucks. This insurance policy comes with different options such as primary liability insurance, non-trucking liability insurance, physical damage insurance and motor cargo insurance.

The primary liability insurance is the insurance policy that offers personal coverage if your truck is involved in an accident leading to the damage of another individual’s property or injury to that person. This coverage does not cover injuries or damages sustained by you.

The non-trucking liability insurance is the type of 18 wheeler insurance that protects truck drivers when they are involved in an accident but are not hauling any freight. With this coverage, they are protected against bodily injury or harm. It does not cover for damages to their trucks.

The physical damage insurance insures against damage to trucks due to theft, accidents and natural disasters.

The motor truck cargo insurance offers coverage on the freight that is being transported by a truck.

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